TEAM Russia SEASON(S) 2009

OK, here is a reason why Adidas are the big boys when it comes to football shirts. Nike's last Russia shirt for the 2008 Euros was great but it simply doesn't get near the quality of this masterpiece from Adidas. Where do I start? the materials are top quality, the finish is typical Adidas quality and the design is as radical and inventive as I've seen from an international shirt for a along long time. The shirt provides quite a good example of national self image through football shirt. When Russia first played as an independent entity the nation went witg plain white shirts, sometimes blue. Through the late 2000s red reappeared as the country grew in confidence and there was just a hint of the old Soviet Red machine and in 2009 with Russia more resurgent than ever Adidas went with an opulent , almost imperial purple lined with a decadent gold. Compare the 2008 Nike shirt's Soviet minimalistic design with the Neo-Tsarist look of this beauty. I must thank proud Russian Anton Sorokin for this shirt which must surely now be in my top 5 international shirts of all time.

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