TEAM San Jose Earthquakes SEASON(S) 2005
HOME/AWAY Home COUNTRY United States of America

Surely when "the big one" comes and a fair chunk of California falls into the sea the name of this team might smack of bad taste at best and full blown hubris at worst. Bizarre nomenclature aside, this shirt is another stunner. Canadian collector Gareth sent it to me and I'm very grateful for it as it's a really nice bit of kit and the little motif on the back celebrating 10 seasons of MLS is a nice touch. While for those of us in Europe that might not seem like much of an achievement, in the USA that's heritage, especially in the field of soccer (God I hate calling it that). This shirt was worn by Canadian forward Dwayne De Rosario who had the honour of scoring goal of the season in the year he wore this shirt. I only hope the goal was as stunning as the shirt is.

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