TEAM Santiago Wanderers SEASON(S) mid 2000s?
MANUFACTURER Wanderers Sport

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Santiago Wanderers are from Chile but you would be forgiven for not knowing that the club do not hail from that long, narrow country's capital city, Santiago. In a staggeringly counterintuitive move Santiago Wanderers are in fact from the city of Valparaiso in central Chile. Maybe there's a good reason for this deep in Chilean history and culture or alternatively maybe a combination of heat, altitude and low oxygen content in the air has made Chilean people crazy. This shirt is a special edition commemorative shirt made to honour the clubs championship wins in 1968 and 2001 as shown on the small black panel on the shirt. The large badge incorporated into the chest is a very nice touch and brightens the shirt up considerably. The shirt takes it's rightful place in the museum thanks to my good friend Bira who very kindly donated it.

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