TEAM Saturn Moscow SEASON(S) 2007

Moscow is a big city, bigger than you might think and home to a good few teams. Sadly the city is no longer home to the deliciously named Saturn Moscow. The club sadly went bump in early 2011 but while it was active nominally represented Moscow Oblast rather than a specific area or demographic of the city. The shirt is a standard Adidas 2007 template with some nice touches and finishing. The Russian league patch and sponsor logo on the sleeves are nice as is the fine detailing with the league badge repeated at the bottom of the numbers. the badge on the left hand side of the chest is the coat of arms of Moscow. The shirt carries the name and number of Dmitri Kirichenko, a reasonably prolific striker who is second all time top scorer in the Russian premier league (behind Oleg Veretennikov) It's always sad to see a club disappear especially one with such a fun nickname as "the aliens". This shirt was sent to me by Russian collector and all round good guy, Anton Sorokin whose collection is well worth a few minutes of your time (

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