TEAM Shinnik Yaroslavl SEASON(S) 2005

Shinnik Yaroslavl are one of the Russian Premier League's lesser known clubs.   This is another shirt sent to me by my "Russian contact", Anton ( who you can see at the top of the screen sporting his favourite shirt. This shirt was also used by Chelsea as an away shirt. The Shinnik badge appears to show a bear carrying some sore of medieval polearm or halberd. According to my friend from Moscow, Oleg, this symbol of Yaroslavl goes back to the legend of the city's foundation. According to the legend, Prince Yarolsav encountered a bear while lost in the forest. The bear charged at Yaroslav who had the presence of mind to kill the bear with his axe as it charged. In thanks for this close shave Yaroslav (who went onto become Yaroslav (I) the Wise, built a church on the spot around which grew the eponymously named city.

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