TEAM Spartans SEASON(S) Late 2000s?

I have wanted a Spartans shirt for a long time both as a the shirts are rare and the club is deliciously obscure. The club are from Edinburgh and were originally formed as a team for alumni of Edinburgh University. That has since changed and their a well established semi-professional team in Scotland. They occasionally come to national notice if hey get a decent draw in the early rounds of the Scottish Cup. The story goes that when they played St Mirren in the cup in 2006 their manager decided to throw on extra forwards in the tie when it was 0-0 as the "was not way he was going to Paisley for  replay on a Tuesday night". It finished 0-0 and he duly had to go to Paisley for the replay which Spartans lost 3-0. the match against St Mirren was their record attendance of about 3500.

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