TEAM St Mirren SEASON(S) 1986

This is a match worn St Mirren shirt from the 1986/87 season. The story behind this goes back to St Mirren Scottish Cup run in 1987. When they won the semi-final against Hearts my father (an avowed, unashamed and unreconstructed Greenock Morton fan) and his friend had the idea to produce St Mirren's cup final record. They did this and recorded "Oh When The Saints" with the team. Through this my dad got this shirt which would have been worn by such St Mirren legends as Frank McGarvey and Kenny McDowell during that season. It was the the last shirt Adidas produced for St Mirren and in my opinion one of the best shirt the Saints have had. This is easily one of my favourite shirts of all time. The secret to this shirt is in fact in that it's not just a plain white shirt with a black pinstripe but in fact there's a "ghost" of the club's black stripes as every second stripe between the black pinstripes is silver.  

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