TEAM St Mirren SEASON(S) 2011

In the summer, when there's no football to show a certain satellite broadcaster who I wont even name run a indoor tournament for ex-pros which they call "The Masters" allowing for more than a little hyperbole. In 2011 St Mirren took part with pretty disastrous results and this shirt was used. The shirt is signed by the players who represented the Buddies that day and I think it's fair to say that even for an avid St Mirren fan they're not exactly names to conjure with. John Hillcoat, Tommy Turner, Ronnie McQuilter, Gary Peebles, Barry Lavety, Tom Brown, Scott McKenzie and Eric McQueen all turned out for the Buddies and didn't do all that well but they did at least sign this shirt making it a nice little item for the football shirt collecting St Mirren fan.

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