TEAM Stade Rennais SEASON(S) 2009

Puma really produced some excellent quality shirts in the mid to late 2000s and this is one of them. While it has to be said Puma tend to make shirts on a very strict template the design is at least a good one. Puma's take on the dual layer shirt, long after the other major manufacturers had moved on, is well done and doesn't have the outer layer flapping about and turning into a medieval torture device when being removed. Have you ever tried to take a 2002 Nike dual layer long sleeved shirt off? If it goes wrong it can dislocate shoulders, fingers and hips. Rennes, as they are more commonly known outside France, sport a tiny little Hermine on the back of the collar which is based on the coat of a stoat. Now that's an obscure bit of footballing heraldry 

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