TEAM Stirling Albion SEASON(S) 2007

For a long time a great pub puzzle question was to name two teams who play in red and play at Annfield (obviously the second "n" isn't obvious when you pronounce it). People will always got Liverpool but only true aficionados (or fans of the Binos) would get Stirling Albion. Then in 1993 they moved to Forthbank Stadium and the question became obsolete. Back when they played at Annfield they were they only Scottish club I can recall who played on a first generation plastic pitch. God, it was a horrible surface. I'm not normally a big collector of signed shirts but this is quite a nice little example of the genre. Vandanel have borrowed the claw type slashes from Puma's Cameroon design and it work well enough. The club badge shows the Ochil hills and tower of the Wallace Monument just on the edge of Stirling. Interestingly enough Stirling Albion looked into changing their name to "Stirling Albion Meerkats" as part of a sponsorship tie up with but the Scottish League quite rightly forbade it. Whatever next? Greenock Morton Panty Liners?

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