TEAM Stoke City SEASON(S) 1996

This shirt is a great demonstration of the mix of influences in mid 1990s shirt design. There was a passion for the retro look with features such as laces on the collar etc. This shirt has the buttoned "grandad" collar and the old style badge on the patch which is redolent of much older shirts. To counterbalance these archaic feature Asics went with a bold shirt wide design with the Potter's home town emblazoned not across the chest but more like the belly. At this time Asics were both the shirts manufacturers and sponsors so the oversized logo on the chest is actually the sponsorship and on the back is the maker's mark. This is done both to get round the league's rules on the area of the shirt taken up by maker's marks and to allow for the bold design. This shirt was very kindly donated by a footballing acquaintance, Andy Loyns who is as committed to Stoke City as he is in a crunching tackle on a Monday night.

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