TEAM The New Saints SEASON(S) 2006

The New Saints are a strange club. They play in Oswestry in Shropshire, England which is near the Welsh border but play in the Welsh Premier League. Officially the team represents the towns of Oswestry and Llansantffraid. The towns are about eight miles apart are you probably don't need to be a historical linguist to work out that Llansantffraid is in Wales. So we have a club represent two towns in two different countries, based in one country and playing in the league structure of the other. Tell me another team who does that. The Welsh League also allows teams to essentially sell their names to sponsors so you get such (genuine) mouthwatering ties as "Inter CableTel vs Airbus UK". As a result of this corporate but financially necessary expedient The New Saints were known for about ten years as Total Network Solutions, usually shortened to TNS. The club usually has green and white as home colours and blue as away and this Legea shirt is part of that tradition. The heavy Italian branding on the shirt shows its an off the shelf shirt rather than a specific design for TNS. This shirt has clearly seen a bit of action in it's time and is numbered leading me to suspect it's a players shirt. I can't see the club selling many replica shirts with number 4 on the back somehow.

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