TEAM Third Lanark SEASON(S) Early 2000s?

In Scotland it is mercifully rare for clubs to go out of business and as such those who do become almost legendary. In recent years Clydebank and Gretna have gone to the wall but the two names which represent the "dead club" are Vale of Leven and Third Lanark. The somewhat unusual name of the club, even by Scottish standards, comes from the clubs roots way back in 1872 when they were formed by the 3rd Lanarkshire Volunteer Rifles. a football and athletic club grew from the territorial army unit and eventually developed into founder member of the Scottish football League before going out of business in the 1960s. In the early 1970s an amateur side was formed and adopted the name. This shirt comes from this second incarnation of the the club. It appears to be an off the shelf Hummel shirt with post production badgework. The small sponsor on the chest is typical in size and execution of modern computer designed embroidery work which can be easily found from specialist suppliers. The clubs military origins are redolent in the badge which even now looks like a motif for military cap badge.

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