TEAM Toronto SEASON(S) 2008

Back in the days of NASL Ontario's biggest city was represented by a team called the Blizzards in the fine tradition of naming sports teams after something which may or may not strike fear into the opposition. When Toronto got an expansion franchise for the MLS I wondered what the team would be called. Would they resurrect the Blizzard and relive the NASL days as has been done in other cities or would they find another name like Sasquatches or something else sort of vaguely Canadian? Well in fact they went for the most sensible name in MLS with plain old Toronto FC. It almost seemed like an anticlimax. I'm told that Toronto is the MLS stadium with the closest thing to a European style atmosphere and maybe this is reflected in the lack of a footballing beaver or moose on the badge. In a usual Canadian way it's a bit more understated and subtle than many of its MLS rivals. the shirt is a standard Adidas design done up Toronto's usual away light grey. Part of me wonders if the shirt would have been more collectable if they had been called tot Ontario Fur Trappers or something equally bizarre. 

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