TEAM Torpedo-ZIL SEASON(S) 1999

OK, here's the story behind this one. Torpedo Moscow were originally club formed to car factory workers (see Torpedo Moscow pages for details) but in the mid 1990s the club was sold out of the control of the car factory and Torpedo-ZIL was formed (Z.I.L being the acronym of the firm which owned the car factory, a factory which made many iconic, archetypal Soviet era vehicles from cars to missile launchers). The shirt is similar in many ways to Torpedo Moscow in terms of colour and general badge design. I like the touch of having a sprocket and a racing car on the badge showing the club's heritage such as it was. Sadly for Torpedo-ZIL the club was financially unsustainable and changed name to Torpedo Metallurg before getting into trouble again and being reformed again in 2004 as FC Moscow. This match worn shirt was sent to me by my good friend Anton from Voronezh. That's Anton on the left  of the screen with his daughter Sofia and wife, Jenya who is actually making a Werder Bremen shirt look good! Now that's impressive. This particular shirt was worn by Azeri international defender Emin Agaev.

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