TEAM Union of Soviet Socialist Republics SEASON(S) 1988
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Without getting overtly political I think most people would agree that the fall of communism in the late 80s and early 90s and the spread of democracy across Eastern Europe and Central Asia was a largely good thing. While I agree with this I do miss the brooding presence of the Soviet Union at international tournaments. While the Soviet Union never really did themselves justice at the World Cup they were however a real power in many occasion at the European Championships. This particular shirt dates from the 1988 Euros when the Soviets went to the final only to lose to the great Dutch side of Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard. the Soviet team of 1988 was a great one with players like Belanov, Protasov, Rats and Mikhailichenko to name but a few. The classic USSR shirt was a simple red shirt with the "CCCP" emblazoned across the chest. While this one is a bit less traditional it still has the iconic initials on the chest. The shirt itself is the same Adidas design as the Dutch wore at that tournament. The 88 Euros were arguably the last great hurrah for the Soviet as the 1990 World Cup was a disappointing tournament and the 92 Euros saw them compete as the "Commonwealth of Independent States" before the 15 Soviet states went their own way. This is quite simply a classic shirt and a nice historical bit of kit for the collection.

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