TEAM Uniao SEASON(S) Late 1990s?
HOME/AWAY Home COUNTRY Brazil Sao Paulo

For a long time I had this shirt and didn't even know which club it was a shirt from. I thought it was from Ariranha do Ivai in Parana state but it turns out it's from the town of Ariranha in Sao Paulo state, a veritable hamlet of a mere 9000 souls. The badge is an eclectic mix of the coat of arms of the town on Ariranha and a Giant Otter, Ariranha being the Portuguese word for Giant Otter. I'm not even sure if this is a home or away shirt. My guess is that it's a home shirt but if you know different or have any other info then please let me know! Is this the only club in world football with an otter/weasel/ferret/stoat on it's badge? I can't think of any others. I also noticed a marked similarity between this design by Maxsport and the 1996 Adidas design. This is one of many shirts in the collection obtained from and amongst the more obscure of the player worn shirts on show.

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