TEAM Vila Nova SEASON(S) Mid 2000s?

My friend from Sao Paulo, Bira (that's him in the corner with the really cool football shirt) has sent me some truly fantastic football shirts and some bizarre ones and this must be amongst the most bizarre! What looks at first glance like a pretty plain and average white away shirt in act has one of the strangest logos I have ever seen on the chest. It's not unusual for a club to use the heart as an inspiring logo but normally it's the figurative "love heart shape" (e.g the badge of Heart of Midlothian) but Vila Nova have in fact gone for the full blown, anatomically perfect, apparently human heart. Closer examination of the shirt shows that the heart is even in roughly the correct part of the chest as it's three dimensional counterpart. Vila Nova are from the city of Goiana and are bitter rivals of Goias whose shirts are also on display elsewhere in the museum.

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