TEAM XV de Novembro SEASON(S) Late 2000s?
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Football clubs in Brazil are deeply conscious of the date they were founded. While in Europe a club may bring out a special centenary shirt I've seen clubs in Brazil bring out shirt commemorating much less auspicious anniversaries. Well this club have gone one step further and indulged the peculiarly Latin taste for naming organisations after the date of their founding. XV de Novebro were founded in the Sao Paulo state city of Jau on the 15th of November 1924. This shirt is made by Nizam, a new manufacturer to me, and I'm very impressed by the quality of the shirt. XV de Novembro spent only one season the Brazilian top flight in the 1980s and since descended back into relative obscurity. What a shirt! I'm indebted to my friend Bira from Sao Paulo for sending me this amazing shirt. 

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