TEAM Yugoslavia SEASON(S) 1990

In a strange way I miss the Eastern Bloc. I don't miss the overarching threat on nuclear destruction or anything but I miss seeing teams like the USSR and Yugoslavia at tournaments. The Yugoslavs were always a good team which isn't surprising when you think of how good it's component parts are. How good would a team be made up of the best player of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia? Pretty dammed good. The Yugoslavs were always good value at tournament and no more than in 1990 when the squad had such names as Darko Pancev, Dejan Savecevic, Robert Prosinecki, Davor Suker, Alen Boksic, Robert Jarni  and of course wearing the number ten shirt, my personal favourite and cult hero Dragan Stojkovic. most of those player didn;t even get much of a game in 1990. What a team! the only teams which beat them at Italia 90 were the Gemany team of Lothar matthaus et al and Maradona's Argentina who eventually put the Yugslavs out on penalties. I don't recall anyone else having this shirt from Adidas which used the three colours of the old Yugoslav flag rather nicely.

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